Business on top, pajama pants on the bottom. The perfect pandemic work-from-home attire.
In order to look professional for the webinar I'm hosting, I put on a Zoom mullet vs. my standard t-shirt and shorts.
by frankentriscuit June 18, 2020
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The act of wearing business attire on the top part of your body (IE The portion of your body shown on a webcam for an online meeting) and wearing comfortable clothes on the bottom part of your body (IE The part of your body not shown on camera during an online meeting. attire examples: sweats, leggings, etc) Much like a hair mullet- "Business on top and party on the bottom"
I have been wearing my zoom mullet for almost a year now! I don't think I have any work pants that fit me any more.

My uniform for 2020 is a zoom mullet.
by funnymom25 December 8, 2020
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A hairstyle for attending Zoom or other video calls. Your hair in the front is style while your hair in the back remains a mess.
I hope there is no reason for me to turn around on this Zoom call because if I do everyone is going to realize I am sporting my Zoom Mullet today.
by CaJenGirl October 11, 2021
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