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The group behind the song "Kernkraft 400". As a result, people mix up the song name with the band name.

Zombie Nation started as a German techno and electro pair of DJ's, Splank and Mooner. After Mooner left, Splank started going by Florian Senfter(birth name) and John Starlight. Zombie Nation released another album in 2006 called Black Toys with hit song "Booster" on its playlist.

Zombielicious follows with a March 2009 release in Germany.
Person 1: I love this song

Person 2: Yeah, its Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400.

Person 1: The band is actually called Zombie Nation, the song is Kernkraft 400.
by Gravy Spank March 03, 2009
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A mass number of people in a country become so fixated on a single political agenda item that a huge amount of the people are willing to ignore all other issues and in some cases partake in criminal activites to carry out this one agenda. This creates a toxic environment on a national scale. Whereby facts are not recognised and lies is ignored. The people are said to in somewhat of a zombified state of mind. Brainwashed to the single agenda item.

Example of this can be seen in the rise of Nazi's in 1930's and the Leave Campaign in the UK's Brexit issue of 2016.
Since Brexit the UK has become a Zombie Nation
by Klaa2 Barada Nik2 November 29, 2019
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