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You're having sex and your partners glass eye pops out so you pull out and forcefully ejaculate into their empty eye socket
She would have made her interview but I gave her the zombie eye
by Blissfulbro May 23, 2016
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When an African American or Hispanic wears colored contact lenses in an attempt to make their brown eyes blue. The result is an unatural and stupid looking zombie eyed appearance.
Tiasha came to the party with blond hair and "blue" eyes. We secretly laughed at her behind her back. Stupid girl looked like she had Zombie Eyes.
by zombiemaster666 July 10, 2009
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When the flash on your camera make all your photos look like you're a deer in the headlights. These bright orbs for eyes, instead of your pupils.
" In every single picture from Christina's 30th Birthday, she looks like she has zombie eyes, all you see is 2 bright white glowing orbs in place of her pupils, CREEPY!"
by TheChefLadyLeo August 03, 2012
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Drinking to the point where your eyes are so squinty and messed up looking to where you actually look like a zombie
Jimmy is so fucking messed up, see he's got those zombie eyes!
by Cocked by Seagulls October 25, 2009
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