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1. Name for an intelligent, and witty man who loves to salsa dance!
2. Also the name of a famous indian singer, who was part of a duet.
Hey, where you going tonite?

I'm going salsa dancing!!!

shweeeet......ur such a Zoheb!
by coolz345 February 04, 2010
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A friendly Muslim who thinks he's good at Nazi Zombies, but really sucks. He commonly makes plans with you, but then cancels, claiming he has to study, but you can find him on facebook 10 minutes later. He usually enjoys tennis, and says his serve is good, but double faults 70% of the time. He puts on different personalities when he's around different people. If he's around someone cool, he treats his friends like they're fags. If he's around other friends, he pretends he doesn't curse, and is a good person, and others he tries to convince Democrats make sense.
Zoheb canceled the trip.
by Awkomatic May 11, 2011
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