To make an utter ass out of yourself and lose all credibility.
I tried to publish a mock NFL football draft stating I beat Mel Kiper, but people caught me in the act, and I'm so embarrassed. I've been Zobeled!
by zobel April 28, 2009
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When a man gets on all fours and requests that a woman penetrate his asshole with her titty, also works when tha man is on his back.
Josh wished he had gotten the bald lady to zobelize him in the hotel room.
by rewallace December 10, 2007
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Stop Being a Zobel!! Not Cool
by B3anzz October 3, 2008
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The true American Sex symbol, Very Potular and Handsome and can drive well.
dad-¨wow youŕe a real nick zobel! so strong and Potular¨
Zobeman-¨do you ever just lather your body in chocolate dodo?¨
by KingKodyosauce February 3, 2017
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Son, a little bro, career high beers of 6
Yo Zobel or I mean little bro.
by Mgibbs June 17, 2021
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