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ZoSed (pronounced "zossed" - and that might be a more practical spelling)- A well publicized and anticipated action that has been built up by the performer which dramatically crashes in burns in a way that was expected (by the "audience"), but still manages to disappoint. Comes from a corruption of an abbreviation for Zenimax Online Studios, and in particular refers to multiple attempts to "fix", "update" or improve the functionality of a large online game and then the result is that things get much much worse. To some extent is is already in informal use, and variants include "ZoSing".
I was really looking forward to the Fallout 76 update, but we got Zosed again.
by Newtinmpls April 21, 2020
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Subtle; passive aggressive way of saying you got blacked out.
"My bad I missed your phonecall I was zosed on my birthday"
by Zosed February 10, 2021
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