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Noun; a girl who gets around but in a classy way. So much better than a slut cant even be compared. A zlut is a girl who is hated by a lot of girls, loved by a lot of guys and has a tight circle of friends who she trusts and confides in.
Ally: "I totally hooked up with him last night ;)"
Courtney: "OMG your such a zlut!"

Courtney: "JUSTIN'S DICK<3"
Ally&Fiona: "ZLUT<3"
by Zlut<3 October 30, 2010
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A classy, trust-worthy, clean (checked) zombie prostitute. They are checked for all types of zombie STD's. Hey, if you want shoot your load into one of them hoes at Zombitute then more power to ya. Our employees are chained up and ready for your night of the living dead. And yes, we offer the best Zumpkin in town. See Zombitute if you are low on cash.
I bought and eye-fucked a Zlut with the money my granny gave me.
The good thing about a Zlut is the fact that i never have to worry about trying to make it moan.
by Zlut Enterprises May 15, 2009
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A bit of a mix between a slut and a bitch; has a sarcastic connotation. Used often when joking around about someone's rude or questionable behavior.

Also, a kick-ass youtube account: ZLUTS4LYFE
Dude, that girl is being such a zlut. I can't believe she made fun of her friend like that!
by kewbingZLUT August 01, 2008
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