The feeling of having extreme mental clarity and utmost cognitive function. It typically happens when one is high off stimulants and/or nootropics. It's the sense of "flying high & mighty" off uppers or supplements that improve focus, euphoria, & cerebral ability. The word was originally coined by Lowkey Fish and is used to describe an ebullient state of mind.
Goddam this combo of addy, GHB, & modafinil got me zingin!
by Drobbys March 07, 2021
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To be high off the zannys (xanax). When you are at the highest most intense part of a zanny trip.
Me and my boys Hunter and Fillers were gonna hit up the club but we ended up zingin intstead.
by philly911 September 20, 2010
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rippin the bong ya dig?

you have to say it real fast and enthuastic though

Usually used to describe a current or past action of smoking, and most of the time you will be high upon use of this phrase.
*phone rings*
Zak: hello?
Quan: yo dawg whats good?
Zak: just zingin the zanga!
Quan: gettin steeeeeched!

Dylan: hello mr kyle, how come i didnt see you out last night?
Kyle: I dunno man I was pretty tired, I was just zingin-the-zanga! all night.
Dylan: True
by @pple~ November 04, 2010
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