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Zeyneb is the type of girl that will come into your life smiling and will try to make sure that you’re always okay no matter how upset or hurt she can be. Zeyneb will never betray your trust and will always be there to give you good advice. Family means a lot to Zeyneb. She craves for a lot of love and attention. She is a type of girl everyone needs in their life.
‘Have you seen that new girl Zeyneb?’
by Dragonfly991 May 19, 2019
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The hot girl in class who acts quiet until alone when she gets "All up in your business."
"I have a Zeyneb in my new algebra class"
by CSTZL June 07, 2013
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Zeyneb, is like the little sister you never had. She's the kind of girl that possesses inviting, big, beautiful eyes from which you feel warmth, but not all is as seems, she may be adorable and cute on the outside, but what lurks underneath the surface is a whole other world of depth, philosophy and can sometimes be eerie, usually inspired by their love for reading and fantasy. One should always be on the lookout for them, they are the most loyal, warm and thoughtful best friends someone can have. Keep them at all costs!
"Who is THAT, beautiful and quiet girl over there"?

"Why, that can only be a Zeyneb.
by Wizard.obvz January 06, 2020
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