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The ruiner of lives. Cause of total destruction and despair that man has rarely seen. Epic fail.
"Dang, my nice, beautiful Invisionfree site just randomly converted to Zetaboards
by MindlessWolf January 16, 2009
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Often shortened to ZB, it is another forum software created by Zathyus Network, created by Brandon Kopetzky, the same guy who brought you Invisionfree. Plus, according to its terms of service, ZetaBoards states that they do not restrict forums based on the number of posts, topics, or members, or bandwidth, and never deleted forums for inactivity. It is a modified version of Invision Power Board version 1.3. Zetaboards was made public in March 2006.

Limitations of ZetaBoards include the lack of FTP access, editing restrictions and inability to access the MySQL database directly, as the software is remotely hosted. Also, e-mail notification of new topics, replies to existing topics and notification of new registrants is not part of the standard ZetaBoard package.

Google AdSense is present on all forums to allow for the free cost to forum admins to host their forums on their own domain.

Users now have the option to purchase ad removal for their forum. After board conversions from InvisionFree to ZetaBoards began, multiple bugs and glitches were found among the converted forums. While the Zathyus team informed its users that converting from ZetaBoards back to InvisionFree would not be possible, many forum owners expressed concern on the company website as to the fact that they are unable to return to InvisionFree due to disappointment with the new system or problems arising from faulty code or lack of support for some skins and themes.
Zetaboards deserves to have a definition posted here in Urban Dictionary.
by MisaTange July 08, 2009
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