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1) The first star system to be found containing intelligent creatures. The intelligent creatures are the Greys. They were more advanced than us and had been in space, traveling around in flying saucers and visiting systems. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here with all these cool gadgets and gizmos. They visited our ape ancestors at about 2.5 million years ago. The Greys abducted our ancestors and they probed them, then genetically modified them so that they will become intelligent creatures. Then the Greys visited Egypt 1,000 years ago. They claimed that they made this world. Then they went to a house and said to a couple that they are given strength to rule Egypt as pharaoh and queen. The same thing happened to other famous empires on Earth. They abducted two people about 100 years ago. They were probed and were given a mind map of the planets the Greys have visited. The two people were then interrogated by the police. One of them, Betty, drew a map of the systems the Greys had visited. It was until a few decades later, when an astronomer found out that it was real. He said that the Greys' homeworld is located in the system of Reticulum.

Guy: Do you believe in aliens?
Astronomer: Yes, and I have proof. Look into my telescope and you'll see Zeta Reticuli, the first star system to be found containing alien, intelligent life.
by World of Wordcraft October 04, 2014
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