A group of zesty people doing zesty things in a devious manner
by MegaMemeLordCarlWheezerXD January 13, 2023
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Another way of calling somebody Zesty (gay)
*John starts switching when he walks comes in switching*

Jerome: “nahhh that nigga a whole zest fest you see the way he walking?”

Tyreke: Hell yea bro look like the leader of the zest fest fan club 😂”
by ZoneDEO June 14, 2022
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a VERY hardcore homosexual orgy consisting of all straight men
damn, floor 9 has a whole ass zest fest going on
by wilma dyckfit May 29, 2023
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Cal and his whole friend group (Neeko, Sam Weber, Dylan Thompson)
Ugh, their whole friend group is such a zest fest
I know right like bffr
by Haterofzestfests September 12, 2022
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A festival which occurs every year in pride month, it is for zesty gay people.
Kai mason is visiting zest fest this year!
by hihigrandadmybsf March 24, 2023
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the words that summon the almighty overlord Rei Ayanami.
*people in unision: Zest Fest Overload*

Rei Ayanami: It is i, Rei Ayanami, i have been summoned by the power of the quadruple zest fest. i will now commence the final alarm.
by KungFuBoris April 26, 2023
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