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2.Its used when you absolutely know nothing about a meme and your friends tell you the meme thats unknown to you and you say "well do you know Zenzi?" which is a fake meme.
3.Trying to look cool knowing a meme they don't.
4.When you meme doesn't make sense so you put it in the Zenzi category.
Example for number two
Guy 1 "Do you know that (new meme you don't know here) Guy 2 "No But have you heard of Zenzi"
Guy 1" The hell is zenzi?" Guy 2 "its not fun if i tell you"
by Definy July 11, 2017
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A fake meme made by many people attacking behind the meme for "normalizing"their meme culture. however, 4chan was unsuccessful at their attack, leading to a response video and a sub boost for BTM, while also bringing his audience closer together and defending him.
Zenzi was a failed abortion of a raid.
do a video on Zenzi!!!!1!!!!
is 4chan gonna keep spamming Zenzi in the comments of BTM for the next month? shameful.
by Awzer February 20, 2017
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Zenzi is a meme which originated from the deep web in 2005. Most people do not know about this meme as the website it originated from is blocked from most western nations.
To access Zenzi and its content you need a VPN
by DrSalsa February 19, 2017
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