Your grinder when it’s full enough to play with like a sandbox or a Zen Garden
Woah man, We’ve got a Zen Garden in here
by baylien November 25, 2018
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Someone's downstairs area that is so frequently shaved, they aquire small bumps or prickly hairs. The bumps/hairs are the "pebbles" of the zen garden. Zen gardens are common amungst inexpierienced teenage girls and anyone so OCD about their pubes.
Guy: Ow! Your area's scratchy!

Girl: Sorry, I just shaved.
Guy: Again? Jesus. You have such a zen garden.
by Elmerrr:] February 9, 2010
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The act of defecating in someones kitty litter and blaming it on the cat.
After John accused me of urinating in his dresser I decided to give him a Kentucky Zen Garden just to put the icing on the cake.
by TeeterShindiggsBigD October 27, 2010
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A calm peaceful box of sand with a rack, and possibly some rocks. It’s calm sensation helps a lo of people with mental issues, but not only those people, it’s to everyone! It’s used a lot in ASMR, because as such, it is asmr.
People tend to make designs on it with all different sizes of rakes.
Person A: “oh! I want a zen garden so bad!”
Person B: “ I am selling some if you want any?”
Person A: “yes , please!”
by P1loxx April 17, 2022
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