A stand up guy that everyone likes. Zeez has all the clout there could ever be, and is beauty. Usually the funniest guy you know and can take care of anything you need.
Hoez: Yo zeez lets chill!
Him: Bet, say less.
by StonyBrook.6 March 14, 2017
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When you're playing a competitive multiplayer game, and it seems like the entire opposing team jumps you all at once.
I was playing CS:GO and the entire team shot me up at the same time! WTF!? I just got zeezed!
by Khaaat November 9, 2020
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the action of sleeping (like in cartoons when the illustration shows the letter z above the sleeping character)
dude1: man, yesterday i got caught zeezing in mr wittman's class
dude2: oh shit, your gonna get merced!
dude3: i've got diarrhea
by 4sKIn_4lIFe October 12, 2008
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