Pulp Fiction dialogue. The last words of the story if the movie was told in chronological order.
Marsellus Wallace got medieval on Zed's ass by calling in a couple of pipe-hittin' nigga's with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.

Whose motorcycle is this?
It's a chopper baby.
Whose chopper is this?
It's Zed's.
Who's Zed?
Zed's dead baby,
Zed's dead.
by MTF February 9, 2012
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It’s not the question that matters.

It’s the Intention.

That means, why question All?

There’s much better questions.
A: “Why is that man running?”
Z: “I don’t know.”

A: “His shorts are falling…”
Z: “okay, Zed.”

A: “Do you think he…”
Z: “Zed’s dead, baby.”

Distractions cause accidents.

Let the driver drive, please.

Choose your lane. Hope you’re safe.
by MichyLaMichy May 19, 2022
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