a place where all rip off australians go to be nuetral and where people cannot say the letter 'i'.

Ps. you can say australians are mean, but really it's just that u guys are way to politically correct. australia bags everyone out and doesn't give a shit if u bag us out. we're not that sensitive and the reason the world likes us and acknowledges us (cos they dont even know who u r) is because we're tough.
if u want an example of how prissy new zealanders are, finish reading all this "we're beautiful and just as good as australia! so don't be meanie poos" shit, then search australia and read about how proud we are to be poitically uncorrect we are, how we drink twice our own body weight in beer and how swearing is our language.

its better to be a quarter racist, than to all have the same boring views
by Sammi likes to swear November 18, 2006
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A Hobbit Like Species, hobbit like in the way were warm, freindly, and can do almost anything with anything.
Godda love that number 8 wire, go kiwi ingenuity
by theJackal July 29, 2004
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Where the fuck is it? I don’t know? Why is there a New Zealand if there is no Old Zealand? Help me find Zealand.
“Old Zealand isn’t real
by Helpme_1938 March 10, 2019
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That country that apparently all Australians love, but to be honest be all laugh about their accents and how they fuck sheep.

Seriously, have you heard a Kiwi's accent?
Aussie: "U'm a kiwi, mite, frum New Zealand! There's that suxy sheep!
(Translation: I'm a kiwi, mate, from New Zealand! There's that sexy sheep"
by Proud Aussie Girl October 11, 2012
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New Zealand, contary to beliefs that we are good people, we commit war crimes too.
In 1914, (New Zealand) annexed German Samoa, jumping at the chance to be Imperialists. We then blockaded it while 'flu was prevalent, killing many inhabitants.
by Hachi-Control September 6, 2008
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Known to the world as Australias bitch
Hey I am going on a holiday
Were to?
new Zealand
oh yea mean Australias bitch
Yes I do
by Meerkat April 26, 2008
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two islands, chilling out down south, above the antarctic, and with many things that quite frankly we hogged from other countries.
new zealand: fish and chips, government, tvs, all comms for that matter, medicines, architecture, BUT, we did infact invent jandles. Don't laugh.
They're cool.
by maggiesylvia October 3, 2006
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