zayn malik is one of the most caring, kind, lovable, good artists, and with an absolutely wonderful voice !!
x : who is zayn malik ?
me: don't you know zayn ??? she is the best singer i have ever listened to !!!
by lexixzayn November 26, 2021
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someone: hey do u know Zayn Malik?
someone 2: yes omg he is fucking GOD!!
by taylorswiftslut July 18, 2021
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A hot gay boy from the band One Direction. Rumor has it, he cares more about his hair products than his own mother. He has diarrhea at least once every two days, due to his fear of being touched by poor people. He is flawless, like a unicorn peeing sparkling water.
Zayn Malik resembles a 4 year old gymnastics girl with yeast infection.
by Doniya Malik June 22, 2012
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my husband. that’s all.
Some idiot: Who’s Zayn Malik?
Me: uh my husband?
by July 9, 2021
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Person 1: Hey, have you heard of Zayn Malik?
Person 2: Yeah! He’s Harry’s soulmate for sure.
by asdf_anya_asdf May 17, 2021
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the man who redefines ‘perfection’. he’s actually beautiful, and has such a big heart, even though he won’t admit it. he’s a legendary singer, writes songs like a pro and is also, while being impossibly hot, the cutest and softest little bean.
zayn malik is one guy to die for
by apeaceofcake March 20, 2019
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