Zax is a guy who's don't likely to approach someone first that's why people think that he's snob, but if you got to hang with him you'll find out that he isn't. He's sweet, caring, thoughtful, gentleman, respectful, God-fearing and kinda matured. He got the traits any girl would like. He loves his family so much and would do anything for them. He is a good friend too, when you are tired and feeling down it is like magic that he knows what to say to cheer you up! He's a good singer and plays guitar really good. Everyone feels lucky and blessed having Zax. He can be funny at times but you will be scared if he's serious. Zax is very understanding and diligent. He is also smart and hard-working, he is like born to be a good leader but he's very humble. He's also handsome and he has a beautiful soul. He has been through a lot but he's staying strong, that's why I'm so proud of him because he is a tough man. He will soon soar high as he reached his dreams.
I'm so in love with Zax, I hope you know. — Rein
by your.pumpkin June 5, 2020
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Computer-generated music.
That awsome zax in the Dominator loader for the Commodore 64 computer was written by Matt Gray.
by Telephony April 30, 2011
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The act of taking out and reading books from the library which have never been checked out before.
This weekend I thought I'd give zaxing a try - I checked out 50 Cent's autobiography, and, well...there's a reason nobody felt inclined to do so before. On the other hand, I did just wake up refreshed from the best nap I've had in years.
by Edwin Lombard Dufraisne IV April 14, 2009
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That kid on the computer who has really bad grammar. He's a silly one, yes he is.
Zax-lax is such a silly little boy.
by Uh-oh October 13, 2003
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I person who pisses in a the bathtub
Dad! Get out I’m in the bathtub!”
“Son, I heard you were being a Zax.”
“Dad, I can explain!”
by Zax2kVeryHot January 10, 2020
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When someone is so bored and have already typed zaxqscwdvefbrgnthmyjukilop and polikujymhtngrbfevdwcsqxaz they type zax`qsc1wdv2efb3rgn4thm5yj,6uk.7il/8o;9p'0-=\ don't worry, it gets better
I am dead inside, i will type zax`qsc1wdv2efb3rgn4thm5yj,6uk.7il/8o;9p'0-=\
by Dbot02496 May 22, 2021
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