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1)Being excessively quick at something. 2)Doing something without mistakes. 3)Closest thing to being perfect.
1)Bob: Dude how fast can you finish task? Jim: 19 Seconds.
Bob: How!?!? It takes the average person 25 Seconds. Jim: What can i say, I'm a zarfot.

2)Bob: So dude i was doing this agility run today and i mis clicked and i ended up going backwars. Jim: Lmao that never happens to me, i'm a zarfot.

3)Bob: Did you see that guy? He's so perfect. Jim: Yeah he's such a zarfot
by Zarfot July 07, 2009
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-A robot made out of a peice of shit box with lightbulbs for eyes that goes greegreegreegreegree 3.14159265

-....and he prays@@@@@@@@
Meet me and Zarfot behind Lumby shed for some cabbages baby.
by Yugger March 08, 2010
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