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Zaniya Is The Most Independent Girl In the World If You Make Fun Of Her Family And Or Friend She Will Fuckn Beat Your Ass and If You Spell Her Name Wrong JUST RUN
Zaniya is Very independent
by Chicken nugget May 13, 2017
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Intelligent and a very out going person,very loyal,loving, smart,beautiful ,one of a kind,with good sense of humor. Gives life to her surroundings and brings joy to this world....most likely had a great father.
Za'niya is define as ,one in a million,simply amazing.
Za'niya is among;
The stars and the most beautiful things.

Pronounced zah-nah-yah.
by Innerstand December 20, 2016
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Beautiful girl with short hair and a nice ass and boobs usually mixed half Latin. This girl has the funniest laugh you could imagine. When she laughs everyone wants to laugh with her. She half Latin so guess what that means she sexy in every way but don't make her irritate her or anything in that category. She been a fighter every since she came out the womb. She is very independent and strong and will kick yo ass if you say something out of line. She typically goes for people who have a sense of humor. It really sexy when she speaks Spanish but, not when she's cussing you out.
Hey bro I like this girl she's such a Zaniya

Damn bro really
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