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Amazingly beautiful yet weird person. Has a taste in funny people. Very very emotional 100% of the time.
She's so Zahirah.
by PPT November 27, 2013
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Zahirah; a very cool girl who loves to comfort people with her charms, jokes and attitudes. She's strong and don't give a damn to those fucking people who don't deserve her. She is kinda ' once broken considered sold' . Pretty inside out, but never realized it.
"Hey, I saw zahirah cried. What happened to her?" - a friend
"That's mean she's getting stronger than ever." -me
by Jelenanicki April 23, 2018
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Zahirah; Zahirah is a funny, chill , laidback type of girl. She doesnt take no shit from no one so don’t try nothing! She is beautiful and charming and everyone loves her. She’s a leader and loves to be in charge, though she can be shy if you don’t know her. But talk to her, cause she’s accepting and kind. She might not notice but she’s flirtatious because of her kindness. She’s super weird but that only draws you closer to her❤️ She loves hard but if you break her trust she’ll act like she’s never meet you!
You: Bro Who is that? She’s so cool but weird? It’s like I’m drawn to her!

Me:Dude how do you not know her, that’s Zahirah!
by Zwhite13 May 19, 2019
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