S.African slang: Spliff, joint, marijuana cigarette
Give us a toke on your zol man
by trigga October 16, 2003
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A sudanese slang that means “buddy” or can also be used if you wanna call on a stranger and you don’t know their name.

“Zol” is for males and “Zola” is for females
Ya zol bring me a cup of coffee

Hey zol can I borrow some cash
Ya zola do you know when the next metro comes
by Pam.ela_5 August 24, 2021
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South African name for weed,trees,greens
Do you have smokes?

No,i only "zol"
by Mzansifinest May 12, 2013
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South African word for a joint, specifically weed or smoking weed
When you zol, you put the saliva on the paper
by rollwithroze December 27, 2021
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