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Someone born between the mid 90s to early 2000s. Z-tards tend to hear a buzzword and regurgitate it constantly in a sad effort for attention or approval. They can be found by the zounds in Twitch chat spamming at all hours of the day unless they're out "dabbing" with their friends and playing with their spinner toys.
I couldn't enjoy gaming last night. All the servers were full of obnoxious Z-tards who were circle-jerking over a dead meme.
by _(N0S)_ May 28, 2017
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Any software programmer who works for Zynga, which produces the worst software on Earth, and also the management at Zynga, that either tolerates incompetence or requires it.
Zynga has the same promotions every week, and you would think they could copy and paste, but Nooooo, the Z-Tards always have new bugs. Any software coded by a Z-Tard has more bugs than the Brazilion rain forest.
by [TOM] ThunderDawg December 22, 2010
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Retarded person on the internet who spams you with the entire alphabet, either correct or not, ending it with Z.
It can also refer to people who mis-spell almost every word or every other word and add or replace a letter with Z for no apparent reason. Most of these people can be found on common sites like Myspace, Gaiaonline, Youtube, or any other large site that can show local text by the public.
Most are doing it just to annoy you.
Others are just that stupid.
Today, I was going on Myspace to check my messages when I found the most ridiculous Z-tard that I almost commited genocide.
by Shinzo November 10, 2009
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Short for Zombie-tard.

1. sheeple, retard, "average joe", stupid person, fool
2. braindead person who still manages to eat, shit and sleep
What a Ztard, can't think for himself and mindlessly follows the mob
by Übermaan July 22, 2014
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