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If you gotta ask, you can't afford it.
It's 10 for an h-job, 20 for a b-job and 50 for a Z job.
by TheSpacePope September 23, 2007
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if you dont know what it is you probably cant afford it
hey you want a zjob
whats that
if you dont know wat it is you probably cant afford it
by darthredneck February 07, 2008
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recieving head while sleeping
i can't believe i didn't wake up while i was getting a z job!
by aye woody October 21, 2007
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A Z Job is were you are recieving a blow job where the giver of the blow job is sleeping, also refered to as catching some zzz's, therefore a z job
Wow, my roommate gave me the best Z Job last night, haha and he always wakes up complaining about the bad taste in his mouth in the morning, what a fool.
by D 103 December 03, 2009
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When you get a rubber band and put it around your testicles. tie a knot, followed by sticking your ball-sack in a girls vagina, and your penis into their asshole (Or vice-versa.) :) and that's a Z-job
Dude, I was flirting with your girl all night, then I totally gave her a Z-job!
by Mr Killjoy February 02, 2010
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