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She is so gorgeous no guy can get enough of her. She is a great friend but she can be overly dramatic at times but she is still a best friend any girl can have
Guy1: Omg Yzabella is so fineeeee
Guy2: ikr!
by KansiNsjlanaismnaNmn.jwkw January 05, 2018
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Yzabella is always looking fine. she is a gorgeous girl. she is the bestest friend anyone could ever have. although if someone messes with her she’ll maybe throw you away like paper. yzabella is very unique. If you have a friend or best friend that’s an Yzabella you are truly lucky. She may always call herself ugly but you should always stop her because she loves it when others do that. Yzabella is a very unique name and also spelled uniquely as well. never mess with yzabellas heart though she’ll really do something to herself. Yzabella is a very smart and intelligent young lady. she always tries her best. when people say something rude to her she’ll just let it be but may always cry every night due to that. Yzabella is gorgeous flawless and stunning. yzabellas May have a ton of friends. Most guys would die for her.
guy 1: dude did u see Yzabella today she was looking so cute
guy 2: dude I know right she is just to die for.
by totallyrad November 06, 2018
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Usually a sexy exotic girl who will drive you crazy. She is a handful, but you can't get enough of her.
Guy 1: I love Yzabella!
Guy 2: Yo, you need to wife her up already
by Sethkillerofpussy March 01, 2017
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