The best character from Keiichi Arawi's Nichijou.

She is a highschool student with short brown hair. She is constantly suffering from bad luck and has a playful and silly personality, which serves for a lot of the slapstick humor in the anime and manga.

While she isn't the brightest, she is usually caring, well-meaning and is easy-going with her friends, who usually call her by her nickname "Yukko". She has other qualities such as being great at poems.

Her catchphrase is "Selamat Pagi", which is her usual morning greeting.
Yuuko Aioi is such a wonderful character. She always gives me a good laugh !
by Vaxen (real) October 7, 2021
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That Queen on Twitter who’s super based and who you should treat with all respect.
Oh hey, look, it’s Twitter Famous Yuuko!
by Roswaal Sama October 7, 2020
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Used to describe a series of bad luck, very bad luck or an unusual bad luck moment.

The term is named after the main character of the anime & manga, Yuuko Aioi, who is constantly suffering from back luck in many unusual ways.
I had a Yuuko moment today as my cat accidentally spilled my coffee and poured it everywhere on the floor and on my desk, which stained all of my paperwork.
by Vaxen (real) October 7, 2021
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