A young, arrogant cunt in a suit.
Yuppie - I have money and you don't.

Man - I have a dick and you don't.
by loltrue March 15, 2010
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A pretentious and selfish professional person who is so arrogant, he blows a trumpet fanfare every time he locks or unlocks his car, to show you how great he is.
Yuppie (locking Lexus): BEEP! BEEP!

Me: Hey! Lock your car like a MAN, not like a yuppie!
by littledebybigboobs June 07, 2005
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So you want to be a Yuppie? Here's what you have to do.
Never act masculine. Masculine is macho, you know, and all the soccer moms just HATE anything masculine.
Never learn how to drive a stick shift like a man. Drive a wussy automatic, just like an old grandma. Or a chimpanzee. Step on your brakes all the time, just like an old lady. Ride your brakes going down all hills. Never learn how to gear down your transmission or take it out of overdrive.
Cultivate arrogance. Wear it on your face as a smug expression. Always talk down to waiters and service people, to let them know you're a hot-shit Yuppie. To prove your worth, always blow a trumpet fanfare when you lock your car. Be the first Yuppie on the block to buy a set of trumpets that blow when you lock your house. Everyone wants to hear trumpets, and they will all look up to you in awe and admiration.
Always jabber and prattle on your cell phone like an old lady gossiping. Everyone who sees you will admire you.
Learn to call problems "issues," just like a soccer mom. All the soccer moms will admire you for that.
Tell everyone you're going on vacation in Cancun or St. Tropez. That will surely score you big points with the soccer moms.
Always carry a PDA. The more useless things it does, the better. Show everyone how it can dial a phone and remind you it's time to go for your manicure. For extra points, let it remind you to go for a pedicure.
When a crowd is listening, pick up your cell phone and talk LOUDLY. Say "buy 40,000 shares of IBM."
Wherever you go, assume an air of entitlement. You are entitled to take your dog inside stores, despite the NO DOGS signs. You are entitled to use your cell phone in the movies. You are entitled to two parking spaces.
Trent is an insipid, smirking Yuppie. He is entitled to park his Lexus in the handicap parking place because he'll only be in the store for 20 minutes.
by Delicious Tuna Wanda September 29, 2007
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The term came about as an acronym for Young (Y) Urban (U) Professional (P) sometime in the early 1980's.

Yuppies tend to have at least Bachelors degrees (but more common, these days, graduate or professional degrees such as JD's and MBA's) and work in high paying professions such as Law, Accounting, Investment Banking, Engineering etc. Yuppies are known for their conspicous level of consumption and obsession with status symbols.

They tend to reside in urban environs such as Manhattan or San Francisco, but there are also suburban areas that are heavily populated with yuppies (such as Menlo Park/Palo Alto and Marin County, all in northern California).

Often times, Yuppies are "Big Hat, No Cattle" types who pay $2,000 a month to rent a swanky apartment and spend another $1,000 a month financing a luxury car, but at the end of the day have a negative networth because they are so in debt from their student loans and credit card bills.

For a perfect example of the yuppie lifestyle, watch the movie American Psycho.
Prospective Renter: Why are the rents here so high?

Landlord: Because the yuppies are willing to pay top dollar for the prestigous address and the fact that the building is right down the street from all the swanky restaurants, nightclubs, clothing boutiques and cafes.
by mplad September 18, 2006
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yuppie- defined as young urban professional, yet that name is simply not enough to describe the scum they truly are. They have ruined towns in parts of New York, and have simply destroyed boston. South Boston use to be the best place to raise your kids, everyone knew everyone, until the yuppie, decided to take it upon themselves to buy out and destroy and build luxury condo's with extremely outrageous pricing for rent, of course no Bostonian could afford. There fore making irish catholic true south boston residents forced to move out. These yuppies now take south Boston to be a place of party, and a place to get wasted. WRONG, there are still hundreds of teens that end up fighting these rich scummers because daddy bought you an apartment and you can throw house parties... screw the 3 generations of family house next to you with a family of 5 -6 including 2-3 children. i truly believe that these yuppies have truly corrupt the communities of boston.
South Boston 1920's- 1990's
Jimmy pedestrain 1 hey how are
Michael pedestrain 2 i know you your flabbos kid right

South Boston present
Patrick Southbostonian1 hi how are you

Hunter arrogant yuppie1 no response

Blue collarhardworker that was a tough day down the docks
Travisspoonfed yuppiero my dad gave me andother 1000 dollars lets get wasted
by IrishCatholicBlueCollar July 18, 2010
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Anyone who walks out of a shop with a 15 dollar sandwich and calmly watches the officer take the 500 dollar boot off his vehicle for parking in the wrong place on purpose.
Anyone who thinks that walking their dog at a block party and saying hello to someone else walking their dog is going to get them laid.
Anyone who's so ignorant of traffic that they tell someone "you can't come in here" when they're having one of their stupid little block parties.
In my opinion, yuppie neighborhoods are no better than the ghetto.
by KrazyKurves July 10, 2008
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often mispelled as yuppy, it stands for young urban professional. it is "ie" because it is the opposite of a hippie, therefor adoptes the end spelling in order to amplify its often negative usage in comparison to hippies
that guy is 23 and is CEO of a multinational company. wat a yuppie....
by Qwerty April 16, 2004
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