Expressions of extremely corny humor, the opposite of wit or humour. Usually Southern mountain dialect. Often taken up by Northerners attempting to pass.
His sense of humor being underdeveloped he often resorts to yuma.
by Buster Stronghart December 01, 2003
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The lead singer of Dementia says that is where she lives.
AKA Hell
AKA Beanerville *to u beans out there, Tara is 1/2 Mexican so she can say it..don't question it!*
So Tara where do you live?
Well I live in Hell..also known as Yuma, Arizona..or Beanerville.
Why do you call it that?
Well it is fuckin hot and we are getting invaded by Mexicans..they are taking over... BEAT THEM WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN!!! AND RUUUUN!!!!!
by RedNBlackDrummer August 27, 2004
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1. A city in the middle of the dessert.
2. Can also be used as an answer to mean "well, what about you?" It's commonly said "well, Yuma isn't that far" Because of the similar pronounce to the word "you". Pronounced as You-ma. Mainly used as a counter when somebody is saying or criticizing something he lacks or has.
A: Dude, that bastard is so homosexual.
B: Dude, Yuma isn't that far.
A: damn, I'm not gay!
A: Damn, that guy is so Geek... he likes Naruto!
B: Hey mate! What about Yuma?
A: yeah you are right, I like Naruto too.
B: Well... soy tu padre (I'm your father)
A: lol, you win
by bebo p July 22, 2011
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Yuma....... he is the best boy in the world!!! He is so popular and everyone loves him. There might be stupid parts about him and he sometimes can be a bitch and hurt you if you fall in love with him . But in the end you feel like it’s all worth it because he is the cutest !!!!!!!!! If you ever meet a Yuma don’t ignore him, if you do you wasted this opportunity !!!!!
Ass “look it’s akira
Me : not listening

Me : not listening

Ass “ ugg what ever🙄”
Yuma :throws snow ball at me

Me “ hahaha” and throws snow ball back “
by The person who hates Rikø January 23, 2018
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