A beautiful girl who attracts all boys. Boys will bow down to her because she is so amazing. She has fantastic arms and anyone would be lucky to have them. She is very friendly and gets along with everyone. She thinks she is a total psycho, but it comes off as charming.
I'm so jealous of that girl, she's such a Yuliya!

I picked up the hottest girl last night, maaaaajor Yuliya.
by igobycrap December 1, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the world. She is talented in many different ways. Fits in with everybody. She doesn't give a damn what people think of her, giving her a lot of respect from others. She's extremely wise. Ask for any advice, she'll give you a lot. She's oh-so incredibly deep. She doesn't talk much around people that she just met, but when it comes to friends, she can talk for hours on one topic, and she'll never tolerate awkward silences in a conversation. Boys, she's definitely a keeper.
Girl 1: you're a slut

Yuliya: you're undatable. Need any tips?

Girl 1: (gets on knees) will you?
Girl 2: you're ugly

Yuliya: It's the inside that counts

Girl 2: (squints)
Girl 3: you're mean

Yuliya: you were the one who approached me

Girl 3: (tries to say something, then quietly walks away)
Girl 4: you're dumb as hell

Yuliya: you're no dumber than me. Want to be study buddies?

Girl 4: uhh... sure...?

Yuliya: great! Let's get started on biolgy
Girl 5: you stink like hell.

Yuliya: (sniffs under arms) no, I'm pretty sure that's you. Want some deeodrant?

Girl 5: (sniffs under arms, then takes deeodrant) thanks...
Girl 6: you're a mamas girl

Yuliya: you have issues in your family

Girl 6: (breaks down into tears)

Yuliya: (soothingly rubs Girl 6's shoulder) shhhhhhh... it'll be okay, it'll be alright.
Yuliya: hey girls how are you?

Girls 1,2,3,4,5,6: Great! You?
by Pretty girl pretty girl March 7, 2014
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- massive
- mother of the russian army
- sexual godess
- four brain cells (as of 2004), but dying out fast
- pot head
You are such a Yuliya,
by Karel January 30, 2004
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