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1. Usually followed by “babe” or “I love you” post coitus when your girl wants to cuddle.

2. Random tag line from a male pursuit. Almost always placed at the end of a text. Used to take the “cougar” (a.k.a “game”) off balance so as to keep her from seeing the sneak attack.

3. Often used to try and squelch a secret that has been inadvertently been disclosed. It has a zero percent success rate...
Shhhhhhhh, babe. I love you so much we don’t need to say a word.

Your so hot. Here’s that pic, Donya. Come see m later at the Caribou Club! Shhhhh...

I can’t believe that Alec went to “The Ukraine” to see his friend.... Oh shit... Shhhhh!!!!
by Mr-Gus May 11, 2019
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