An Australian Aboriginal creole term meaning "Brother".
Hey Yubba!, how bout we go get some KFC!.
by Marcus Rosenblat April 15, 2008
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a person who says random things to you on msn
You: WTF...
by IainM September 3, 2006
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some good ass bangin weed ,that'll put u where the flintstones be at.
sup maan? whaz good with tha yubba - yubba that type of shit make ur heart run laps.
by johnny walker November 22, 2003
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Any triumvirate that is wacky in nature and bumbles a lot.
The Dark Wings from the Tales series are a prime example of Gubba, Yubba & Schmubbly-Bubbly
by DoodooMan February 14, 2008
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