1. An instinctual and gregarious choral expression of unencumbered joy at the onset of a conversation or 'in person' reunion with a friend or loved one, after a long separation. Often exclaimed with intentional, sustained legato emphasis in order to incite a reciprocal counter hoot (as depicted in suffix form with three consecutive vowels tagged to the traditional etymological pronoun 'you'.).
2. Adapted from a comedic reference highlighting the trials, horrors and banal tribulations associated with Dieter's Dream, 'Youuuu' is sometimes used in conjunction with the preceding words 'First, I would {choice of verb}..'
1. {Your cell phone buzzes; a call from an old friend. You answer} "Youuuu!", {Your friend retorts} ""Youuuu!" {Instantaneous glee ensues}
2. First I would throw 'Youuuu' to the ground......
by Charitable Disguise October 20, 2019
may be used whenever the word "you" is used or when someone uses a slight against you as reprocussion. note: must be used in a loud manner as in the hiphop song.
by Sean Molloy January 14, 2009
the word deprived from tiahra nelson’s live. You can use this in any situation
someone: hey wanna get in my free candy van

you: thank youuuu
by Claire Argo February 2, 2021