Classifies a very Young looking and Fresh looking Male.
Usually a teenager.
Joey is very Young Fresh.
by Killa kiil November 27, 2011
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Refers to young, college-age adult women; implies they have had few sexual partners, at such a young age. Also refers to an impending expiry date, usually around 30, when they become used up party girls.
Son: "Dad, I am going to do so many chicks in college!"
Father: "Boy, go get 'em while they're young and fresh!"
by Robert McCall January 18, 2015
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An Albanian man (pseudo Greek) who stalks women over the age of 18 and try his ways with them.......................even the Priests are so pissed off with him that they turf him out of the churches.
Dimitris G: Pater Pater Pater..................Young, Willing & Fresh!!!
Priest: You sick Albanian Shit, why would you say such things...............please stop coming to church to annoy me.
by Greek_Cypriot February 16, 2022
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A term used to describe a young, attractive woman.
I'm so excited to go out tonight, there's about to be so many fresh youngs!

Ay what up fresh young?

dime hottie shawty
by J Swerve September 10, 2009
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word created by guys checking out younger girls in public. Whether legal or not, a fresh young tart is a long girl who is so beautiful in every way and just in general, tight. Has to be at least two years younger than the guy who is checking her out and she must be young, barley used, pretty face, skinny, and has a tight little body. Eye candy for all
That cute little girl right there, it may be statutory rape but she is such a fresh young tart.

Dude, she is such a fresh young tart she must be tight as hell.
by tash.0 May 11, 2013
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A pre-teen girl that has potential to be really hot.
Me: "Hey man, do you see that fresh young chicken over there?"

Someone else: "Yeah dude, I'd fuck the shit out of that 12 year old. Who cares?"
by Ace of Bassa July 30, 2006
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