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#1 (N) This cool website where you can ask, answer, and rant about life, love, and anything else that happens in life. And do it completely anonymously.

#2 (N) When you ask lame questions or make lame statements on Youlame

#3 (V) The act of posting a question or comment on Youlame.. (youlame it)
Example #1:
Guy: I want to ask Jenny out but I don't know if she likes me... what should I do?

Friend: Why don't you ask youlame? They give free advice to anyone and no one will know it's you because it's anonymous!

Example #2:

Girl: I have never kissed a boy but I really like this guy. I'm too embarassed to ask anyone because I don't want to be made fun of

Brother: Ew.. I'm not interested in your love life but Youlame it. They'll give you good advice.

Example #3:

Person: WHY DOES THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! I AM SO MAD! No one even understands me.... they just judge me. I am going to rant on Youlame! No one can judge me then!
by Wondering Leaf December 28, 2013
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