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When you start watching one YouTube video and it spirals out of control into hundreds of different videos.

Term coined by Anthony B, and Jeff R.
I watched a video on puppies and went down a YouTube hole and ended on Russian firecracker fishing.
by Crumpetlova December 24, 2016
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After watching a video, the list of suggested or related videos. Contains a list of sixty videos that are similar to the video you just watched. Often refers to when someone continually watches referred videos.
I searched a video on how to solve a rubiks cube, but I got stuck in a Youtube hole and ended up watching a video about how to make homemade chicken noodle soup.
by nameistaken August 24, 2009
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What happens when go on YouTube to watch one video and then suddenly realise several hours have gone by.
I feel into a massive YouTubehole last night, one video become 300...
by Wurdsmyth von Cokesucker October 22, 2017
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