An interjectional phrase denoting frustration due to a misunderstanding, assumption, claim or threat.
1. "Oh, you got me fucked up. I have never dated that man in my life."
2. "If you think I'm gonna let you leave my store without paying me, you got me fucked up."

3. "Yeah, you got me fucked up, bro. That's not a fair trade."
by princeoffacade January 18, 2022
- Hey, Jim, I think we've taken the wrong road again.
Jim: You got me fucked up. Not again.
by landekar March 9, 2019

"You got me fucked up" is said by a man or women to a person that they think is so irresistible & fly they don't never want to end it.

Synonym: I'm all yours, I'm on your dick, i think about you all the time, I'm in love with your dick.. maybe even you, I want this feeling forever, I don't want anyone but you, You have my undivided attention
Omg and cuddling... plus your smart funny strong with a huge dick...I want you to all to myself..... you got me fucked up over you
by NastyNubian January 8, 2017
to misunderstand a person or situation.
friend:i thought you liked big girls so I brought her with me.
me:son, you got me fucked up kid.

(at mcdonalds drive thru and they messed your order up for the fourth time)
me:you got me fucked up if you think im going to sit here any longer.give me my fuckin money back immediately.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit November 5, 2004
when you walk into work and everything’s in shambles because it’s busy.
oh hell no “you got me fucked up” i’m going the fuck home.
by hairypotato78 August 17, 2019
- Hey, Jim, I think we've taken the wrong road again
Jim: You got me fucked up. Seriously, again?
by landekar March 9, 2019
Girl: I need directions to your house.
Boy: Make your first left, 2nd right, then make another right when u see the statue of the --
Girl: Whoa, you got me fucked up right now. You said turn left or right at what statue?
by SpinSpin Sugar July 16, 2020