What delusional fucks use when people insult their favourite band/artist. Very common among Jonas Brothers' fangirls. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that people hate their "beloved" Jonas Brothers so in denial they say "You're just jealous!". Oh really? I am certain you also hate stuff like lets say heavy metal bands so does it make you jealous of them? Morons.
Guy: Jonas Brothers' suck!

Girl: OMFG! You're just jealous!

Guy: Why the fuck would I be jealous? I listen to real music like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Beatles, Nirvana and more.

Girl: OMFG those bands are like the worst in history.

Guy: You hate them but are you jealous of them?

Girl: No!

Guy: Then retarded bitch, how am I suppose to be jealous of the Jonas Brothers?
by Person With Logic November 7, 2009
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1. A funny way to reply to a quirky or not to offending roast when you're joking around with your friends
2. comeback when someone roasts you or calls you names or is simply making fun of you

3. simple way and funny to shut people up in an argument or when you're messing around with your friends
girl 1; "you're gay"
girl 2; "you're just jealous"
girl 3: LMAOO

boy: why have you dressed up like you're going to a wedding? we're gonna buy groceries dawg
girl: " you're just jealous"
by Elena_ December 24, 2022
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