An awesome term to use when someone is being, in fact, a little shit.
Harry Potter flipped off Dumbledore, and Dumbledore ravagely screamed, 'YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!'
by Carliann May 23, 2007
what you say when you get attacked by a ghost on pac man
woka woka woka woka woka blurrrrp wap wap. GRRRR you little SHIT!!
by ant-tony November 10, 2009
the way to correctly address a friend in late 2010. may be used instead of 'dude', 'man', or 'mate'. May be considered disrespectful to people not on a first name basis or higher authorities. Not intended to be disrespectful when addressing a friend.
Hey, you little shit, here's your pencil I borrowed.
by His royal electedness November 6, 2010
When a manchild gets heavily offended by a 9-year-old's comment. Most famously coined by the Twitch streamer "Ninja" when he took the bait of a little kid in-game.
Ninja shoots 9-year-old
9-year-old: "aw fuck u faggot"
9-year-old: "HA U RAGE XD"
by That random guy thing December 2, 2018
a phrase used by the biggest dickhead in the world-also referred to as rossasaurus
ah jesus he really said (listen here you little shit) so he must be that bitch rissy
by abbadabbadoodiddydeeda January 30, 2020