to be a fuck is to be some one that is doing or said something stupid. If some one is a fuck they are usually also considered a tool or an unliked individual.
if you order a bacon egg and cheese without the bacon than you are a fuck.

If you call a madd ugly girl hot than you are a fuck.

When you are a piece of bitch you are a fuck.

When you sing along to a song without knowing the words you are a fuck.

are you a fuck?
by mark paton/reed barbe February 5, 2009
1. extreme diss
2. direct and to the point
3. abrupt end to a phonecall
hey joey.. fuck you you fucking fuck..
by TripD + Sweat January 16, 2008
A term often used by Gordon Ramsey when talking to the idiots on Hell's Kitchen. Extremely handy when talking to a group of friends and you just want to make them laugh (If you're a tryhard).
Bob: Did you guys know that Roblox is actually the best game ever?
Lila: I swear, you stupid fucking donut...get out.
Man: *doing his woman* Oh! Mary!
Man: Shit.....
Woman: Oh You done fucked up now!!
by EonLover380 January 2, 2015