A disrespectful coment said as nice as possible. To let the person figure the rest out for themselves.

You sack..... ????????????
you sack the upset boy said to his mother. He didn't get smacked.
To give a girl or a guy the fuck of their life!
Charlotte: “Are you gonna sack me?”
Chris: “You’re fucking right I’m gonna sack you!”
by Monsterhally November 2, 2017
You are a stupid little boy wit no life
You autisistic , you little potato sack.
by Llcolljoukerr December 28, 2018
A phrase spoken with an Irish or Scottish accent, meaning, be a man and get it done.
Guy1: I don't think i can do it.

Irishman: Why don't you grow a sack and do it, Laddie?
by Swagger-2094 July 21, 2011