(Alternate: You Do Realize)

An online phrase that roughly means "I'm a condescending prick."

Used on message boards by self-important dipshits to preface an argument that berates the intelligence of their opponent.

Any sentence that begins with "You do know" or "You do realize" is implied to end with an implicit "...you fucking idiot."
"You do know that Democrats are all just fascist tax-collectors fighting a war on faith, right?"

"You do realize that Republicans are money-grubbing, Bible thumping rednecks and soccer moms, right?"
by Mark Werguild February 23, 2012
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you do not know the way, you think you know the way, but only me, and my bruddas know the way.
my brudda, you do not know the way.
by HandleGod January 24, 2018
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A question asked to random strangers in public, followed by annoying clicking noises and uganda, plus knuckle the echidna is involved, if this happens to you run
Hello, do you know the way, click click click click.
by notEmperor_jp January 8, 2018
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Phrase origins: Uganda Tribe - VR Chat
Phrase meaning: "Do you come from the mother land of Uganda?"
if your answer is no a group of knuckles and knuckle-sonics will surround you and spit on you claiming to give you Ebola.
"hey man, do you know the way?" no, (after this response prepare to spat on by a swarm of knuckles)
by panagiotaki January 5, 2018
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The sentence anyone can say to get a boy/girlfriend. Sometimes even more than one.
Guy: Do you know the way?
Girl: (thinks) I love him.
Guy: I spit on you!
by Fovzz February 25, 2018
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