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shit hole town aka Y-town

You know your from Yorkton if you fit these categories:

1. You smash beer bottles over your head for fun.
2. You drink either Pilsner or Bud (Dannyshhneers and Steveweisers)
2. You drive drunk
3. You will drive an hour away to CB or Langenburg to go to a pit party
4. You love Caberets
5. You say wicked/wicked rank
6. You swear unbelievably too much
7. You have the sickest/grossest humor
8. You have gone to "The Hills", "Three Bins", "Freedom" to get high
9. If you went to the Regional, it was a tragedy when the smoke pits got shut down
10. You say you hate the Dome but you still go there every weekend
11.You drank underaged at Pockets for years
12.You know every track to the Volcanoless in Canada cd
13.You have cruised Broadway for hours at a time
14.You know what the Harvest Weeners are
15.BK is only good at 2am
16.Colt 45 is a place to you, not a beer and if you don't know where Colt 45 is you should be shot
17.When you have gotten with the same person at least 8 different times
18.If you ever went to regina to watch a movie that was just released that was going to take over 3 weeks to finally come to yorkton
19.You know who Dave/Jerry/Ticketman is
20.At least 5 other people have the exact new t-shirt you just bought
21.You know exactly which cop Schriver is
22.You get excited when you see that someone is pulled over by the cops on a Friday night, you drive pass slowly...probably staring out your window because you most likely know the person whose booze is getting poured out
23.You got with a new person, probably somewhere private BUT ALWAYS the next day everybody seems to know about it
24.You meet outside of pizza hut then go get high
25.when you go to JC beach to drink booze, smoke cigarettes or do drugs
26.You know who Dennis riding on the bike is have yelled at/thrown a slushee at a ref at a terrier game
28.When you have seen someone go the wrong way in the roundabout... more than once
29.Almost everybody of age has worked in Holly's as a bouncer/waitress and everyone who hasn't will probably one day!
30. You smoke "darts"
31. So pov.... but you've heard of "tribs" ha
32. Fighting... and ill just leave it at that
33. Spending countless hours at Smitty's having coffee and smoking darts
34. Clarence singing "good ol' hockey game"/raise a little hell
35. Getting high and smashed at sunken bridge
36. You can order whiskey and pickle juice shots and beer bongs at the bar
"I'm from Yorkton and I say wicked, rank lots"
by fotc_23 February 02, 2009
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The epicenter of redneck and ass backwards thought.
"What the hell is wrong with you dude, are you from Yorkton or something?"
(Ie. the City of Yorkton in Saskatchewan)
by Pure hawtness in pale skin. October 26, 2008
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shit hole of a city where elementry students come to school drunk,music teachers spaz on kids because they are doing there work.. people hide behind the library sniffing glue to get high.. old women stand in the middle of the intersection by the parkland mall staring off into space for fun then go home when theres no traffic.. "where a hot guy named Matt lives" says the person beside me! the skateboard park by the ghallger centre is the hottest place to smoke weed! everybody is either a slut is fat fugly or has serious issues! YORKTON HOME OF THE FATTEST WHORES SLUTS AND PROSTITUTES!! people arent scared of druggys murderers or creepers creepin on them cuz there so used to it.. some babys were born with a cigarette in there mouth.. everyone hails lisa ann like shes a goddess.. people who live in yorkton diss that shitty place and hate the people who brought them there.. apparently babies are born in churches not hospitals.. thereallways in competition with melfort! Yorkton hit a serious tragedy on canada day of 2010 when DQ was demolished by water, yorkton workers said itll take a year to rebuild a better DQ grand opening Canada day of 2011.. they only had the foundation done then they said oh well next canada day of 2012. then when that comes we will have another flash flooditll destroy DQ again and they'll say screw it, proving how lazy fat asses live in yorkton.. Yorkton a shit hole of a city where its so bad the yorktonians writenshit about it on urban dictionary! :)
hey man lets go to yorkton

now why the fuck would we do that its a horrible city
by hometown yorktonian July 13, 2011
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