Yoochun is the middle child of Dong Bang Shin Ki, a famous Korean boy band that is popular in Asia. DBSK has gotten into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest official fanbase, numbering over 800,000. Micky Yoochun composes many of the songs DBSK sings, and writes lyrics. He is very sensitive, and cries a lot. He lived in Fairfax, VA for around four years before he auditioned and was sent to Korea. He misses his family a lot, especially his little brother, who he feels like he let down.
Yoochun has a very interesting voice.
by BooJae April 3, 2008
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Yoochun- Noun.

To be able to speak English in a way that it doesn't make sense (see also Chunglish), to be be musically gifted and to be a bass-baritone singer. Yoochuns are often found in Virginia, USA, South Korea and Japan.

Also noteable: To speak in a low, attractive voice, to play piano well, to laugh high pitched and to be best friends with someone called Junsu.
"To be passionable"- Yoochun
by SUPERWONDER August 16, 2009
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A term used for a guy who possesses a smooth and slick husky voice that would send girls melting into a pile of goo on the spot. And whenever he cries due to his insensitive side, you would always want to run up to him and give him a hug as well as hand him a Ricky plushie.
YooChun is also someone who has the weirdest fashion sense, where the bottom of their slacks is rolled up to show off their ankles while wearing a pair of leather grandpa shoes. Cringe worthy, yes, but it only works well on this guy.
Heck, the only man in this world worthy of being called a YooChun is Park YooChun from DBSK himself.
"What a YooChun!"
"I spot a YooChun crying."
"OMG! He's doing a YooChun!"
"That's a YooChun style."
"That YooChun voice makes you a YooChun."
"I want to rape a YooChun!"
by Tan Xue Lei February 21, 2009
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