1 definition by Tan Xue Lei

A term used for a guy who possesses a smooth and slick husky voice that would send girls melting into a pile of goo on the spot. And whenever he cries due to his insensitive side, you would always want to run up to him and give him a hug as well as hand him a Ricky plushie.
YooChun is also someone who has the weirdest fashion sense, where the bottom of their slacks is rolled up to show off their ankles while wearing a pair of leather grandpa shoes. Cringe worthy, yes, but it only works well on this guy.
Heck, the only man in this world worthy of being called a YooChun is Park YooChun from DBSK himself.
"What a YooChun!"
"I spot a YooChun crying."
"OMG! He's doing a YooChun!"
"That's a YooChun style."
"That YooChun voice makes you a YooChun."
"I want to rape a YooChun!"
by Tan Xue Lei February 21, 2009
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