Yonki (Spanish slang, english pronunciation -> yonkee) is a person who takes drugs, specially the hard ones -heroine or cocaine-. The term yonki is not used to designate cannabis smokers
Tu primo es un puto yonki, no para de meterse coca

Your cousin is a fucking drug-abuser, he doesn't give up sniffing coke
by sikelturko June 16, 2009
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A version of the name Yonatan (Hebrew) which is similar to the name Jonathan in English.
The logic behind it is that Yoni is the most common short form of the name, and therefore by adding "k" to it makes the name sound cuter > Yonki.

Mostly used for children, friends, or loved ones who named Yoni (or Yonatan, Yehonatan, Jonathan, Jhonny, Yon ...ect)
"what's your name?"
"Yonatan, but you can call me Yonki"
by y0nki May 21, 2020
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A person who likes to take drugs, mainly heroin. They look all fucked upp.
Me: WTF! Get out of my backyard! Fucking Yonkie!
Yonkie: I am not a yonkie! *Sniff* I just like the feeling of empty syringe.
Me: Yeah right! And what's that? I'm gonna tell you, that's HEROIN, FUCKING YONKIE!
by Maniac_88 March 19, 2006
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En la calle del Barco paran mogollón de yonkis
In Barco Street there's always loads of junkies
by fonsucu October 3, 2008
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spanish voice, sounds like yonkee, is a man who use any kind of drugs
no example, significance is very clear
by Antonio March 26, 2005
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man that dude is so corny, he's gotta be a yonky.
by neb sicnarf January 21, 2008
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little_gray is acting yonky today.

or nerdy:
that css hack looks a bit yonky...
by schjetne February 27, 2004
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