you only live once
make the most of it! But don't ruin it, choices have consequences..
by somegirl24268 June 26, 2023
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shoma ghalat kardiii YOLO. har roz o har sanie vase mn zendgi mikni
by Dontrustme January 25, 2020
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Yolo Holo: You Only Live Once Empty-Headed (A** Holes) Drinking Folks -- Men and Women, Boys and Girls.

Yolo Hohlo: Same as above except for the fact that "Hohlo" comes from the German word "hohl" which can mean simply, "empty", but is also used to mean "empty-headed, unconsidered, stupid"
Like the fascist-light buds/peeps at places like soccer games, frat parties, Oktoberfests, Spring Break Sauffesten, Ballermann, Rammstein.
-- That new Swiss Boy-Band Family "Stubete Gäng" makes great music for the Helvetic Yolo Holos -- (Yolo Holo -- Yolo Hohlo (German Variant) )
-- Spring Break in Cancun -- the Hajj for rich Yolo Holos.
by Pen-Dragon September 10, 2023
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The act of being FULL of YOLO. You Only Live Once, if you are not satisfied, YOLOfulness will definitely fill you with great satisfaction. When you experience it, you'll feel your pickle have a little bit of a tickle!!
OOOOhhh yeah....
BE YOLOfulNESS!!!!!!!
"Hey you might die trying that"
"Bro, YOLOfulness man!!!"
"You're right!! I'll do it too!!!"
by shorty777_tae September 14, 2016
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An instance where the simplest option is the one to YOLO on.
Hector: Wow Gilbert, the economy is fucked. Should I buy stock in GameStop, or should I invest in purchasing futures on rare earth metals?
Gilbert: What the fuck are futures, Hector? Occam's YOLO your life savings into purchasing GameStop shares - it's the simplest option.
by arkhiah April 9, 2021
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Living your life doing what ever you want and being care free. You only live once. Yoloing
by Yoloingking December 6, 2017
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