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This words is only used by the meme gods(no further explanation)
by Trending terms August 31, 2017
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What you say instead of yeet. Basically yeet for fucking savages.
Person 1: Hey Boi I dare you to throw your cat over this bridge.
Person 2: Ok, YOIT!
by CurrySauce666 September 04, 2016
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1. onomatopoeia : generally used when one throws an object in an obnoxious manner.

2. verb : used to signify the manner in which one throws an object.

(NOTE: Cannot be used interchangeable with yeet)
1. "I'm finna throw this nibba.... YOIT!"

2. "I'm finna yoit this nibba."
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by theyoit August 29, 2017
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Used either when throwing/kicking something a great distance, or is used when celebrating. Present tense of yeet
Maddie: I just scored a goal!
Hannah: YOIT!!!
by dakjsdhkjhsfjk August 05, 2018
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the leftover cum that gets stuck in a person's teeth that eventually forms little cum balls that begin to rot.
i was gonna kiss the bitch, but then i saw some yoit on her crusty lips.
by blumpkinboychap April 03, 2009
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Irrelevant snake who is always in their feelings but acts petty/salty to hide that they are actually gay asf
Y you such a YOIT God damn
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by By. Avaaaa Loubert November 03, 2016
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