verb. A blend of ‘you’ and ‘ink’. To produce something in great number, usually clothing.

The term originally stems from the prolific work of copywriters of London’s Fleet Street in the 19th century. These advertising writers used to be paid by the word, and the more they yinked, the more they got paid. Obviously their motivation to yink a lot was quite high, and the biggest yinkers were sometimes simply referred to as The Yink.
“Dude, look at this huge collection of tees Danny has! Does he yink them himself?”

“No, he had them printed at an online company. They yink a lot!
by heartykarl December 05, 2013
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Someone that drinks a lot of ink.

Yink is a Dr. Seuss character that appears in “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”. The Yink drinks pink ink and likes to wink.
If you have a lot of ink,

then you should get a Yink,

I think.
by heartykarl December 04, 2013
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The result or predicted result of an imminent event.
1. You really pissed that guy off. He'll probobly yink you dead.
2. That storms gonna yink us any minute.
by Sushi November 12, 2004
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v. The action of fooling someone; to doop; to convince someone something is true when in reality it isn’t
Spencer yinked Ryan by telling him the wrong address of the party.
by ksweeny1036163 June 16, 2018
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1.An evolution of the word "junk", possibly a combination of the words "junk" and "stink". Used to describe something that is generally unpleasant.
That concert last night was fucking yink
by The Prince of Space August 17, 2011
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When your best friend takes a remarkably big dump, tells you to come look at it and the only thing you can think of to say is "Yinks." A combination of Yikes and some other word.
"Come look at this dump i just took!"

"Dude, yinks."
by Emilis June 15, 2009
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