tattoos on a girl that are strategically placed around her vagina.
she just got a tramp stamp, the pink ink is around the corner!
by Mogiashi March 19, 2008
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Tattoos that proudly display one if part of the LGTBQ community
When Aaron came back from the tattoo parlor with a pride flag tattooed on his forearm his sister knew the Pink Ink was his way of coming out.
by von groovy June 29, 2019
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Gay and Lesbian Tattoos .....
"Hey that Fag has an Anchor on his arm" "shirtlifters been pink inking it" ......
by paulo77 April 11, 2008
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Very very ultra fucking homosexual flamboyant faggot that acts like your aunt Mary.
Hey Mike”, “that fucking faggot is queer as pink ink”.
by The Feuer March 4, 2022
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